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How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the workplace is a significant cost to both personal health and government coffers. People who feel overwhelmed with work feel physically and mentally sick, unable to perform both personal and professional duties. Even if you looked past anecdotal incidents, work stress incurs a huge cost. Over $543 million was paid out to workers […]

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How to Help Someone Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety disorders have a profound impact on a person’s behaviour. People with anxiety often become inward focused, short-tempered, easily frightened, confused and discouraged. To get through this tough period in their lives, people dealing with anxiety need a support system. This support system may consist of friends, family and mental health workers like a psychologist. […]

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Mental Illness, and the Importance of Mental Illness Diagnosis

What is mental illness? Before explaining mental illness diagnosis, it’s important to explain what mental illness is, first. Mental illness refers to a classification of health problems that affect the way people think, feel and behave. Examples of mental illness include depression, bipolar mood disorder, personality disorders, anxiety and schizophrenia. Anxiety and depression are the […]

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