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Give your employees the ability to have access to the mental healthcare services they need - reduce stress and increase levels of happiness during high intensity periods of work.

Organisations must focus on the mental well-being of employees

One in five Australian employees report that they have taken time off work due to feeling mentally unwell in the past 12 months.

While much of the conversation surrounding mental health in the workplace has become more accepted in recent years, many employees across Australia and around the world are dealing with unprecedented levels of stress and resultant psychological and mental health conditions. As a result, more organisations are doubling down on their emphasis in this regard with many incorporating mental health and counselling frameworks within their very own establishments for employees to leverage.

Mental health challenges, at any end of the spectrum, can impact multiple aspects of an organisation - from internal cohesion to actually revenue-related impacts - the objective of ensuring greater and significantly better employee mental health is important. In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces approximately $10.9 billion per year. We work with organisations and the GPs their employees consult to ensure gain access to the most qualified and proficient expert mental health care they can find. 

The onPsych Process

Employees complete the onPsych referral form

Complete the onPsych client information referral form

They book an appointment with their GP

They discuss any concerns regarding their condition

Discuss any concerns regarding your condition

Employees complete the onPsych referral form

They book an appointment with their GP

They discuss any concerns regarding their condition

Call us on 1300651350 if they have trouble finding the right GP or one with more expertise

Obtain a referral to onPsych under the Better Access Initiative (2715/2700)

The GP forwards the plan via  Fax (1300651580) or Email (contact@onpsych.com.au)

The GP forwards the plan via  Fax (1300 651 580) or Email (contact@onpsych.com.au)

Obtain a referral to onPsych under the Better Access Initiative (2715/2700)

Call us on 1300 659 350 if they have trouble finding the right GP or one with more expertise

Our psychologists and their accreditations

All psychologists working in onPsych are fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and also satisfy the requirements of Medicare to become a provider under the Better Access and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Program.

They are qualified to provide psychological services to organisations targeting specific behavioural and emotional problems. It is a requirement of registration that psychologists have comprehensive insurance, which satisfies PBA guidelines. OnPsych psychologists have current police checks, which are provided to organisations they work with.

How onPsych for organisations work?

Either at the inception of their career, midway through it or right at the end, mental health challenges are something that we can all encounter at any given point in our lives. Given that many organisations comprise a workforce that is diverse in many ways - including individual challenges - a commitment to mental health care and well-being is vital at all levels. In order to ensure that employees get access to the 10 free individual and 10 free group sessions provided under Medicare, we work closely with organisations and their GPs/the GPs their employees consult to ensure that when and if the need arises, the onPsych team is ready to help connect employees with highly qualified psychologists - registered to provide care under Medicare and NDIS. 

With onPsych, organisations can have faith in knowing that their employees have access to the very best in mental health care and a trusted partner to work with.

Who else do we work with?

General Practitioners

GPs are integral to the process of patients getting the help they desperately need. Under Medicare and NDIS provisions, we make sure that all individuals referred by a GP make the most of their 10 free individual/group consultations a year.  


We help school administrators, teachers, and parents better understand the process of getting their students and children the help they need - either via a referral through their GP or by directly engaging our community of psychologists.

Support Organisations

Support organisations play a vital role in ensuring that at risk individuals have the help they need when they're feeling most vulnerable. We work with support organisations to ensure that their communities have access to the best care.

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