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Depression makes an ordinary day impossible to get through without help.

Whether you're dealing with a period of difficulty due to a recent life event or you've been struggling with chronic depression for years, addressing it as soon as possible is incredibly important.

What is depression?

While it's a given that every single person, even at least once in their lives, goes through a period of emotional difficulty, depression is one condition that should not be taken lightly given that it can have some serious ramifications.

Often leading to excessive sadness, low motivation and loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed, depression prevents many individuals from leading and maintaining a happy, satisfying life. It's perfectly normal to experience sadness from time to time, especially during adverse life events, however, if this sadness persists for a long time, it is likely that you're struggling with depression and in need of help.

While depression is common, its impact and effects can be severe and long-lasting. Getting help is, therefore, of paramount importance.

Here in Australia, approximately 1 million individuals are in a constant battle with depression and it is expected that at least 45% of the total Australian population will experience depression at some point.

Types of depression

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Learn about the causes of depression

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Treatment and support for depression

Need help? Reach out. Help is always available.

Treatment and support for depression

Need help? Reach out. Help is always available.

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