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General Practitioners play a huge role in identifying the individuals in need of mental healthcare. With onPsych for GPs, you can now refer the ones who need the help the most - help us, help them.

General Practitioners play a decisive role in mental health care

A survey by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners found that two in three were reporting psychological problems as one of the most common ailments.

General Practitioners are among the first points of contact for individuals who are concerned about their mental well-being and the effects it has on their lives. Having the ability to refer such individuals who need dedicated assistance to our onPsych psychologist will not only grant you the confidence and trust of the individual but also illustrate the genuine concern you have for the individual. The importance of mental health to an individual cannot be understated and GPs play a role in addressing these challenges.

If you have a patient and/or patients who you feel need more professional attention and care, the onPsych process will help you ensure your patients get the care you believe they need - do not hesitate to contact us at any point! Failing to get patients much needed help can result in long-term consequences and challenges for them.

The onPsych Process

A client completes the onPsych referral form

A client completes the onPsych referral form

They book an appointment with you - their GP

Discuss any concerns regarding their condition

Discuss any concerns regarding their condition

Forward the patients plan via Fax (1300 651 580) or Email (

Obtain a referral to onPsych under the Better Access Initiative (2715/2700)

Call us on 1300 659 350 if you would like to refer them to a GP with more expertise

Our psychologists and their accreditations

All psychologists working in onPsych are fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and also satisfy the requirements of Medicare to become a provider under the Better Access and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Program.

They are qualified to provide psychological services to organisations targeting specific behavioural and emotional problems. It is a requirement of registration that psychologists have comprehensive insurance, which satisfies PBA guidelines. OnPsych psychologists have current police checks, which are provided to organisations and "working with children" permits appropriate to each state - when they are required to work with a school.

How does onPsych help general practitioners?

With more patients coming to their GPs with concerns regarding mental health, having access to a community of qualified psychologists is invaluable - especially within the modern context where stress and anxiety levels are at unprecedented heights.

With onPsych, GPs will be able to ensure that the personalised care their patients are familiar with is emulated by the psychologists they are referred to via onPsych.

We work closely with General Practitioners, enabling them to give their patients better access to more specialised mental health care when the need arises. What's even better for your patients? There are no costs for our service if consultations are in accordance with Medicare.

Who else do we work with?


We help school administrators, teachers, and parents better understand the process of getting their students and children the help they need - either via a referral through their GP or by directly engaging our community of psychologists.


Businesses are now prioritising the mental health of their employees and rightfully so. With the pressures of modern work environments, ensuring your employees have access and a path to professional support is incredibly important.

Support Organisations

Support organisations and hotlines play a vital role in ensuring that at risk individuals have the help they need when they're feeling most vulnerable. We work with support organisations to ensure that their communities have access to the best care.

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