Individuals with disabilities and mental health conditions can thrive with holistic psychosocial support

At onPsych Australia, we work towards meeting their needs through trained mental health professionals. 

Mental health support at your fingertips

For individuals with special needs and those who suffer from mental health conditions, psychosocial caregiving and support can dramatically change the quality of their lives. If you’re wondering how to start this process or be there for someone with these needs, start by being a close observer - do you believe that they may be suffering from a mental illness?

In the caregiving process, make sure you look after yourself, too. Supporting someone who experiences anxiety and/or depression isn't easy – it’s often physically and emotionally draining and can affect your health and wellbeing.
onPsych provides a range of counselling and mental health services for individuals with disabilities across Australia.

Getting them the support they need/helping them see a mental health professional

Supporting someone to see a health professional about anxiety, depression or chronic illness can be difficult. But it's important to keep up the momentum and help them to seek professional support.

Is the person you’re supporting eligible for NDIS?

The person I want to support is covered by the NDIS. What do I do next?

What do I do after obtaining a GP Referral?

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