onPsych Online (Telehealth)

Distance is no longer a reason for Australian’s to go without access to mental health care services.

onPsych recognises that there that there are tens of thousands of Australians who have limited access to top tier mental healthcare professionals. onPsych telehealth team is designed to ensure individuals in rural and urban settings can get the help they need.

What is onPsych Online?

onPsych Online is a dedicated service that offers mental health support to children, adolescents, families, and adults through the use of telehealth (Online video and audio consultation). onPsych Online is an initiative set up to address the needs of individuals limited access to high quality mental health services.

onPsych online is available to all individuals – children, adolescents and adults. Sessions can be conducted at home, at school, at work, at a local community health centre, or wherever the client feels most comfortable. Emulating the comprehensiveness of our face-to-face services, onPsych Online practitioners will aim to work collaboratively with all parties and other health professionals with the goal of driving and enhancing greater opportunities for positive change to be made and maintained over time.

In this process, we also seek to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities who require psychosocial and mental health support, including telehealth services.

Telehealth sessions can help support people who are experiencing with anxiety, depression, stress, sleep disturbance, anger management, substance misuse, eating disorders and many other psychological problems.

It's especially noteworthy that all of our Clinical Psychologists, Registered Psychologists and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers are registered to provider services under Medicare. The highest quality of care in the most accessible manner.

Steps to get onPsych Support

Complete the onPsych Telehealth referral form (available below)

Complete the onPsych client information referral form

   Bring the referral form to this                           appointment

Discuss any concerns regarding your condition

Discuss any concerns regarding your condition

Complete the onPsych client information referral form

Book an appointment with your GP (doctor)

Discuss any concerns regarding your condition

Call us on 1300651350 if you are unable to get in touch with a GP or doctor

Obtain a referral to onPsych under the Better Access Initiative (2715/2700)

Your GP forwards the plan via Fax (1300651580) or Email (contact@onpsych.com.au)

Your GP forwards the plan  via  Fax (1300 651 580) or Email (contact@onpsych.com.au)

Obtain a referral to onPsych under the Better Access Initiative (2715/2700)

Call us on 1300 651 350 if you are unable to get in touch with a GP or doctor

Can you access Telehealth via Medicare?

You can access our service via telehealth under Medicare.

Telehealth Sessions - FAQs

How many sessions am I eligible for and how long are they?

Session times and duration will be determined in preliminary conversation between you and your onPsych practitioner. On average, sessions are generally between 30-50 minutes. Patients who claiming via Medicare are eligible to 10 individual sessions and 10 group sessions.

What technology do I need to use to access a Telehealth session?

All Telehealth sessions are typically conducted via Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime - including a few pre-determined software agreed upon by both you and and your onPsych practioner. The Australian Government has no mandated technical tool for you use in telehealth services.

What happens if I am late/unable to make a session on time?

Informing your onPsych practitioner of your inability to attend a scheduled session or appointment at least 24 hours in advance is mandatory. Failure to update your practitioner in a timely manner may result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the consultation cost.

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