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The relationship between exercise and mental health

Research on the relationship between exercise and mental health has abounded in recent years, cementing the importance of physical activity for a positive outlook and a healthy mind. The debilitating side-effects. Moreover, studies have demonstrated that 15 minutes of running per day can reduce the risk of major depression by approximately 26%. Even if you […]

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Looking After Yourself While Supporting Someone You Love Through A Mental Health Condition/Crisis

Supporting someone with a mental health condition is a responsibility you probably don’t expect but find yourself entrusted with. Whether it’s a child, parent, partner, sibling or anyone else you care about, this can be exacting on your own mental and emotional resilience. This is precisely why looking after yourself in the process of caring […]

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Using Telehealth to Improve Mental Health Care

At a time when technology shapes and drives almost every aspect of day-to-day life, the rise of telehealth services for mental health care is hardly surprising. Telehealth refers, broadly, to the use of communication technologies and information exchange platforms – such as PCs, mobiles, tablets, and other digital devices – to access health care services […]

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