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Using Telehealth to Improve Mental Health Care

At a time when technology shapes and drives almost every aspect of day-to-day life, the rise of telehealth services for mental health care is hardly surprising. Telehealth refers, broadly, to the use of communication technologies and information exchange platforms – such as PCs, mobiles, tablets, and other digital devices – to access health care services […]

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Where Can I Access Mental Health Support in Australia?

Nowadays, life is no longer as simple as it once was – mental health support has become a critical, life-saving need among many communities in Australia. This is made evident by the startling statistics we have to grapple with as mental health professionals. For instance, there are around 8 deaths by suicide in Australia, every […]

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How to Access Mental Health Care Services under Medicare in Australia

Mental illness is the third most prevalent medical condition plaguing Australians, behind heart disease and cancer. That’s why local governments around the country have set up initiatives with the goal of coordinating with each other to provide mental health care for those who need it the most. Additionally, the Federal government has the ‘Better Access’ […]

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